R-v-E: Successful Outcome in Recent Indecent Assault Case

12th March 2024 | Lawtons News|
Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner

Our client was previously represented by the Duty Solicitor when he appeared before Uxbridge Magistrates Court having been remanded in Custody by the Police in connection with two separate allegations of sexual assault on staff at Heathrow Airport.

Having been released on bail, he contacted Lawtons criminal law firm in London and instructed Nick Titchener on a privately funded basis to advise and represent him for his Sentencing Hearing. 

Nick was able to obtain several character references from people identified by our client who were able to confirm that our client’s behaviour was out of character and reflective of the circumstances at that given time. Working with our client, Nick was able to put together a substantial package of mitigation and put that before the court by making detailed oral representations when our client appeared for Sentencing.

The Sentencing Guidelines for the type of Sexual Assaults our client had pleaded guilty to gave the Court a starting point of a high-level Community Order and a range allowing the Court up to one year of custody. If the Court had followed the recommended Sentencing Guidelines our client would have had to go on the Sex Offenders Register, in all likelihood for 5 years. The stakes for our client were enormous given that if he was placed on the Register, his ability to work and travel abroad would have been impossible, ending his otherwise successful career working offshore. 

Nick was able to persuade the Court that given all the circumstances of the case, it was an exceptional case and one whereby the Court could, and indeed should significantly depart from the Sentencing Guidelines. 

Following detailed submissions by Nick, the Court imposed a fine and compensation order meaning that our client was free to travel and recommence his work abroad as he was not subject to the Sex Offenders Register and the onerous restrictions that would have been placed upon him. Choose Lawtons Solicitors for expert legal guidance and proactive defence against indecent assault charges, ensuring a steadfast commitment to protecting your rights and securing a favourable outcome.

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