Colchester Police Station Solicitors

If you have been arrested, detained and questioned by police, or if the police have requested your presence at the police station for the purposes of a voluntary interview, you are entitled to legal advice and professional representation by a solicitor. 

We are a criminal law firm based in London, and we have represented clients across a wide range of alleged offences. Our team is available around the clock, from the police station to the courtroom.

Much of our work takes place in London, but we also have offices across the Home Counties so we are well placed to support and assist clients throughout South East England.

You can find Colchester police station at:

10 Southway



Been asked to attend a voluntary interview?

A voluntary interview at the police station is also known as a caution plus 3 interview. If you are invited to a voluntary interview, be prepared to assist the police and answer any enquiries that they might have about the alleged offence.

Make sure that you attend the voluntary interview on time. Before the interview you will be cautioned, but bear in mind that you are not under arrest for the duration of the interview. You are therefore free to leave the police station at any time, should you choose to do so.

Nonetheless, a voluntary police interview is no less serious than if you were being interviewed under full police caution. The police will record everything you say, and the testimony you provide may be used later in court

For this reason it is essential to make sure that your interests are protected. It is advisable to seek legal support to ensure that your statements are not misinterpreted by the police to your disadvantage.

At Lawtons, we are a team of highly qualified solicitors with years of experience in criminal law. From arranging an appropriate time and date for the interview to providing representation during it, we support our clients throughout the whole process.

In order to achieve the best possible income from your voluntary interview, you should always seek qualified legal support from professionals.

Expert legal representation in Colchester

Has your presence between requested for a voluntary interview at Colchester police station? Have you been interviewed there under caution? If this is the case, contact us at any time or find our solicitors in Colchester.

At Lawtons our team of specialists will provide you with the finest legal advice and representation. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.