During the investigation stage of a driving offence, the Police will often contact you to ask you to provide further information or to attend the Police station to conduct a formal Police interview under caution.

Alternatively a Police Officer may attend your home address or place of work to conduct a voluntary interview under caution.

Do I need a solicitor for a Police Interview?

Yes, in either situation it is important that you obtain expert legal representation as this can often mean the difference between being charged for a road traffic offence or not.

Do not be fooled by an Officer saying that, “it will take longer if you have a solicitor” or “you will be okay its only a little chat”. Anything you do say can be recorded and used against you in evidence, so don’t leave your police interview questions stage of your case to chance.

Representation at the Police Station, in most circumstances, is free of charge and can be arranged by simply contacting us. You can be arrested for dangerous driving, drunk driving and other road traffic offences. Whatever offence you are arrested for, your entitlement to free and independent legal advice remains.

Why is Legal Representation important?

Lawtons will take all of the stress out of your situation. We can arrange for you to attend a Police interview at a convenient time that suits you, often without the need for you to be arrested, reducing the risk that an arrest may show up on a criminal records check and which may affect your current and/or future employment.

We can make sure that one of our team of traffic offence solicitors is able to attend, so you can be sure that you receive expert advice. Contact us now to receive immediate road traffic legal help.