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Police Direction

During the investigation stage of a driving offence, the police will often contact you to ask you to provide further information or to attend the police station to conduct a formal police interview under caution.

Alternatively a police officer may attend your home address or place of work to conduct a voluntary police interview under caution – known as a Caution Plus Three interview.

Do I need a solicitor for a police interview?

Whether you are interviewed at the police station or at home or work, it is advisable to obtain expert legal representation as this can often mean the difference between being charged for a road traffic offence or being cleared.

Anything you say to a police officer during an interview can be recorded and used against you in evidence, so you shouldn’t leave the police questioning stage of your case to chance.

If you would like a representative from Lawtons to attend the police station to represent you, simply contact us. If legal aid is not available or you wish to instruct a particular person, we can discuss our private fees, ensuring that the best representation is available for you.

Why is legal representation important?

You can be arrested for a number of driving offences including dangerous driving, drunk driving and other road traffic offences. Whichever driving offence you are arrested for, your entitlement to independent legal advice remains.

If you instruct a specialist solicitor from Lawtons, we can arrange for you to attend a police interview at a convenient time that suits you, often without the need for you to be arrested. This can reduce the risk of an arrest showing up on a criminal records check and which may affect your current and/or future employment.

We can make sure that one of our team of specialist traffic offence solicitors is able to attend the police station with you, so you can be assured that you will receive expert advice from the earliest stage of your case. Contact us now to receive immediate legal assistance.

Lawtons solicitors can also offer advice on what happens after you have been questioned by the police under caution. Contact us for more information.

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