Lawtons Solicitors can help with any case relating to abduction and kidnapping. Lawtons have assisted with a number of kidnapping and abduction cases. Lawtons have a team of child abduction lawyers and kidnapping lawyers who work to achieve the most positive outcome possible.

Sentences for kidnapping and abduction are often determined by a number of different issues, and may extend to many years in prison.

With all this in mind, it is imperative to speak to a specialist criminal lawyer, who has the necessary experience and know-how to advise you in this difficult field of law.

If you have been accused of kidnapping or abduction, it is vital that you contact a specialist child abduction or kidnapping lawyer.


Abduction, Kidnapping & The Law

The Law is very clear in its distinction between abduction and kidnapping.  Abduction is taking a person or child away from their home and family by means of deception or force. Kidnapping is taking someone unwillingly and keeping them illegally imprisoned. The latter is normally done with motive, such as financial gain in the form of a ransom.

Both must demonstrate that the person kidnapped or abducted was taken without consent and held unlawfully against their will.

Other factors that will be taken into consideration include any attacks on the person (including assault and rape) and the level of violence used, together with if the person abducted or kidnapped has been taken across global borders.

Another significant issue that will be factored in to any sentencing will be whether a child was involved, as this is considered under a different aspect of the law*. This is especially the case if the child is taken out of the United Kingdom without permission or consent.


Accused of Abduction or Kidnapping?

When it comes to kidnapping and abduction, especially if a child is involved, speed is of the essence. Crimes involving children are taken very seriously and so having specialist legal representation at an early stage in the process is critical. It is vital you seek legal representation from specialist child abduction solicitor or specialist kidnapping lawyer.

At Lawtons Solicitors we will support you and work with you through the whole process to ensure your case is dealt with on a unique basis.

*Child Abduction Act 1984


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