A burglar who broke into a house in Hoddesdon has asked to go on a drug rehabilitation programme in an attempt to break his habit.

The 27-year-old stole electrical goods from the house in Whitley Road, St Albans Crown Court heard, in what was his third domestic burglary.

Prosecutor Ann Evans said: “It was a day-time residential burglary observed by a neighbour. The defendant left on a bike for the station that is about a mile away. He was identified from fingerprints he left on a bag and, when he went to his probation office in London, he was arrested.”

The man pleaded guilty to burgling the house on 27 September last year.

Lawton’s solicitor said that his client was making “good use of his time” since being held in custody from December.

He gave the Judge a letter from his fiancee, who he said was a respectable woman who was standing by him.

He said: “He is totally committed to dealing with his drug problem. He had a difficult start to life and, in 2009, was the victim of a gunshot wound.”

He asked the Judge to consider placing him in a residential rehabilitation unit.

Judge Andrew Bright QC adjourned sentence for three weeks and remanded the man in custody telling us:

“I am not convinced he has got the motivation to change. I will adjourn the case for three weeks. He faces a three year sentence if he is not suitable for residential rehabilitation.”