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18th June 2020

Failure to Provide a Breath Specimen for Analysis – Case Dropped

If you are found guilty of failing to provide a breath specimen for analysis, the courts are likely to treat it more seriously than an offence of drink driving and you are extremely likely to face a lengthy disqualification from driving. However, defences can emerge if procedures are not adequately performed by police or if […] Read More >

15th June 2020

Successful case outcome during the current pandemic achieved by our specialist private client team

This case related to a privately funded client accused with two offences of allegedly causing actual bodily harm following an incident in central London shortly before lockdown commenced. The client was represented by Paul Dillon at Westminster magistrates’ court and set down for trial following the first appearance at court. The case required considerable care […] Read More >

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10th August 2018

Not Guilty Verdict on ‘Drug Driving’ charges – Stevenage Magistrates Court

Lawtons successfully represented a Defendant at Stevenage Magistrates Court charged with failing to provide a sample of blood for analysis, in relation to the new offence of “drug driving”. The Defendant had been unrepresented in initial court proceedings and had been recommended to Lawtons due to their specialism as driving offence solicitors. It was alleged […] Read More >

3rd July 2018

Not guilty of armed robbery of bookmakers – St Albans Crown Court

With years of experience representing those accused of firearms offences or violent crimes, Lawtons often handle cases concerning accusations of armed robbery. In June 2018 at St Albans Crown Court, members of our St Albans criminal defence solicitors team acted on behalf of a client in a retrial in relation to an allegation of armed […] Read More >

18th June 2018

Not Guilty Verdict on ABH – Self-defence

Lawtons successfully represented a recent client who was accused of a charge of Assault ABH which was said to have happened at a Concert. He was originally represented by the Duty Solicitor but chose to instruct Lawtons on a private fee basis given our specialism and expertise in Serious Violence & Assault cases. It  was […] Read More >

22nd May 2018

Successful appeal against Driving Disqualification at Luton Crown Court

Lawtons were instructed to deal with a case where things had not gone to plan at the Magistrates Court. Our client, an equity partner and solicitor at top city law firm had been caught speeding doing 82 on the M1 when there was a temporary 50mph speed limit. He was originally unrepresented when he appeared […] Read More >

3rd May 2018

The high importance of legal representation

If you are unlucky enough to be accused of a crime, you may be one of those affected by the government making it increasingly difficult for people to get legal aid so that they can be defended by trained specialists. You may question, what does this mean for me? Well, imagine this as a scenario. […] Read More >

26th March 2018

Not Guilty Verdict in Indecent Images Case – St Albans Crown Court

Being renowned for its expertise in dealing with sexual offences, we recently acted for a man accused of possessing indecent images of children at St. Albans Crown Court. Police found 9 indecent images of children on his computer. Our client explained to police in interview that he had not knowingly downloaded the images. He explained […] Read More >

26th March 2018

Drink driving case dismissed, drunk in charge of a motor vehicle case acquitted – Magistrates Court

Our client had been charged with driving a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit and being in charge of a motor vehicle whilst over the prescribed limit. The case proceeded to trial in the Magistrates Court in March 2018. Evidence had been heard at length from the prosecution witness and following the conclusion of […] Read More >

1st March 2018

ABH cases dropped after brawl in Camden Assembly Rooms, London – Blackfriars Crown Court

We were instructed by three out of four defendants in relation to an incident at the Camden Assembly Rooms, London, in February 2017. One of our clients had been performing with his band and whilst packing up at the end of the night and incident took place. It was alleged that the four defendants had […] Read More >

28th February 2018

Drugs Supply case – Inner London Crown Court

Our client had been recommended to our Nick Seeley and appeared at Inner London Crown Court at the end of January 2018, where he attended for trial in connection with various allegations of possession with intent to supply Class A and Class B drugs and being in possession of criminal property, which was a substantial […] Read More >

27th February 2018

Indecent Images – Harrow Crown Court

Our client appeared before the Magistrates Court in relation to 9 Cat A, 20 Cat B, 18 Cat C images, at which time he entered guilty pleas to all offences, following which he was committed for sentence to Harrow Crown Court. Being dealt with by our London office, our client’s case was prepared and documentation […] Read More >

29th January 2018

Suspended Sentence for over 13,000 Indecent Images – Aylesbury Crown Court

Our client was initially represented by the Duty Solicitor when he was first arrested in the first quarter of 2017, but after his police interview he did some research and found Lawtons, which specialises in sexual offences and allegations involving indecent images of children. The case involved allegations where our client was both possessing and […] Read More >

24th October 2017

Community Order for client in football GBH case – St Albans Crown Court

Our client appeared before St Albans Crown Court on Friday 20th October for Sentence in connection with a case of GBH where he had punched the captain of a rival football club to the jaw in the closing moments of a game in late 2015. Read More >

11th October 2017

Damage limitation for client with drugs supply offences – St Albans Crown Court

A humane outcome from a humane Judge reflecting circumstances. Read More >

10th October 2017

Risk of miscarriage of justice averted – London Crown Court

Lawtons were instructed after it had already started to go wrong. Our client had been recommended to other solicitors originally. Read More >

10th October 2017

How do Law Enforcement Agencies detect indecent images?

As a firm of solicitors that specialises in dealing with sexual offences and cases involving allegations of possession, making or distribution of indecent images, it is becoming clear that the law enforcement agencies are stepping up the level of investment and resources to tackling this growing area of potential abuse and exploitation. Read More >