Dangerous Dog Case Discontinued

26th April 2022 | Lawtons News|
Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner

Our client was charged with an offence of being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control.

Our client was of previous good character and her main concern was the welfare of her dog.

Joanne Cestaro was instructed to attend the first hearing of this matter when the evidence was provided.

This was carefully considered and the client was advised to enter a Not Guilty plea.

Joanne then undertook a full analysis of all the evidence in the case following which she then sourced and instructed an expert to examine and assess the much-loved family pet.

Our expert prepared an extremely helpful report which was served on the Crown Prosecution Service together with representations on the disposal of the case.

As a consequence of this course of action, the CPS reviewed the case and the matter was discontinued, ensuring that our client was not required to stand Trial and, most importantly for her, her dog remained within the family home with no sanctions imposed.

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