Defending Serious Allegations During Family Law Proceedings

28th June 2024 | Lawtons News|
Paul Dillon headshot

Paul Dillon


Paul Dillon, a key member of our private client team at Lawtons Solicitors, recently undertook a significant case involving a former international rugby player. The client faced serious allegations of harassment, assault, and coercive control amidst a tumultuous divorce proceeding where custody of their children and the family home were fiercely contested.

Given Paul’s extensive experience in handling complex cases of this nature, it became evident early on that the client’s estranged spouse was leveraging the criminal investigation to gain an advantage in the current family court proceedings. With imminent hearings looming, the stakes were high, requiring a meticulous approach to dismantle the allegations effectively.

Through a series of comprehensive consultations, Paul and our team reviewed the evidence and formulated a robust defence strategy. This preparation proved pivotal during the client’s voluntary interview at Chelmsford police station, where we presented compelling documentary proof supporting our client’s innocence. The thoroughness of our approach prompted the investigating officer to swiftly determine no further action was necessary within a remarkably short timeframe of 36 hours, despite the serious nature of the domestic abuse allegations.

This outcome underscores the importance of seeking skilled legal representation in challenging legal disputes, particularly those with overlapping criminal and family law components. At Lawtons Solicitors, we are committed to providing expert guidance and steadfast defence to protect our clients’ rights and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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