Driving a motor car whilst unfit through drugs – case dropped

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If you are found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs, you are extremely likely to face a lengthy disqualification from driving.

Our Solicitor-Advocate and Director, Stephen Halloran, received a referral from another firm of local solicitors in relation to a difficult situation that their client’s son had found himself in.

 Our young client was charged with driving a motor vehicle whilst unfit through drugs. The client had just bought a small quantity of cannabis and noticed the police behind him. In a panic, he drove away and was said to have been in a minor collision with another vehicle (there was no damage to either car). He was arrested and taken to a local police station for questioning. 

The result of the blood test conducted was not at a level that the client could be charged with driving a motor vehicle whilst above the prescribed limit. Instead, the police decided to charge a slightly different offence — that he was unfit to drive through drugs.

It was at this stage that Lawtons were instructed. The case papers were reviewed and, as a result of the careful considered approach, it was agreed that a formal request would be made on the client’s behalf to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

A successful outcome, a happy client

The case was set down for trial, with our Mr Halloran highlighting the issues for trial. The CPS agreed with the formal request made by Mr Halloran and formally discontinued the charges against our young client.

The client and his father were naturally delighted. Of course, it also reflected well on the solicitors who entrusted Mr Halloran with the case. Referrals like this are a measure of the high regard in which we are held.

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