Indecent images—4th Conviction—Lawtons’ client avoids immediate Prison this time round

3rd August 2017 | Sex Offences News & Stories|
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Nick Titchener

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Sex offences

By taking the time to go beyond the mere facts of the offences, the expert team at Lawtons were able to persuade the Judge at Winchester Crown Court not to impose yet another immediate custodial sentence for a client who had three convictions already for downloading and possessing indecent images and had already been sent to prison twice for doing so.

Unlike the Probation Service, who did not pick up on the finer detail, after carefully examining all of the evidence and the background to this case, we were able to establish that our client had not completed the rehabilitation programme when these new offences had been committed. During the course of the Crown Court proceedings, the Prosecution added a further allegation that our client had breached Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) – again, through coherent and careful consideration of the case Lawtons were able to persuade the Prosecution to then withdraw this additional matter.

Our client and his family commented as follows after the conclusion of the case:

“The outcome of the case was something we could only wish for but with the representation from your company you achieved that. The difference we found in having you represent him from previous times when he was in trouble was amazing and a credit to your staff. You really do have your clients’ best interests at heart and know the field you are dealing with. We would recommend you to anyone we know in a heart-beat and can’t thank you enough for all your hard work in resolving this case.”

This case illustrates the importance of ensuring that an expert team is instructed. Unlike on previous occasions, where our client had been represented by different firms, on this occasion Lawtons took the time to actually understand and look into the background behind the offending behaviour. This allowed us to show that even though these new offences were committed whilst he was subject to a requirement to complete a sex offenders programme, an immediate prison sentence was neither necessary nor justifiable.

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