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19th May 2023 | Lawtons News|
Stephen Halloran headshot

Stephen Halloran

Managing Partner

Lawtons director Stephen Halloran was one of the judges at the final of The City Law School’s 2023 mooting competition.

A moot court competition is a simulation of a court hearing. They give law students invaluable experience of the legal process. Participants analyse problems, research the applicable laws and present their submissions.

The 2023 moot at The City Law School examined two problems: the directions given by judges at criminal trials, and the interaction between the criminal law and the European Convention on Human Rights. With over 20 years of experience in criminal law, Stephen was well-placed to judge a moot focusing on these areas.

Discussing the calibre of the competition, Stephen and his fellow judges described the submissions as “authoritative” and “impressive”.

He said:

“It was a pleasure judging the competition and it was inspiring to see the students put their cases forward in such an accomplished manner. Their knowledge, reasoning and passion shined through. I’ve got no doubt that a promising future in law awaits them all.”

Moot Coordinator Rosie Longman, said:

“I would like to thank all those who judged the moot, from the first round through to the final. The moot couldn’t happen without them. I congratulate all the finalists – they beat some extremely able candidates to get there. In the final, they handled the panel’s challenging questions in truly professional style.”

Eleanor Schaff, David Horwich, David Scully and Maud Mullan took the top four places in the competition.

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