Lawtons’ represent only defendant acquitted in complex firearms conspiracy

23rd February 2017 | Firearm Offences News & Stories|
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Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


Lawtons represented their client throughout, having originally secured his release on bail after he was first remanded into prison custody. The client was arrested in a car in which a loaded firearm was found. Whilst he denied any knowledge of the item in question, the prosecution alleged that he was a critical part of a complex conspiracy involving the movement of firearms and ammunition.

The handgun that was recovered was loaded with 8 rounds of live ammunition and the serial numbers had been filed off. Several other people were arrested by armed police at the same time as our client. The case hinged on the interaction of all of these people and extensive reliance was placed on phone and surveillance evidence in an effort to prove the case.

The prosecution alleged the case centred around all of the defendants being part of a complex criminal gang involved in the supply and distribution of firearms and live ammunition across the region. The prosecution case relied on over 10,000 pages of evidence.

Due to the highly complex nature of the case it lasted for a total of 5 weeks at St Albans Crown Court and concluded on 12th January 2017. After lengthy deliberations, the Jury returned a Not Guilty verdict on our client, finding him innocent of any involvement in the case.

All of the other Defendants who were represented by different firms of solicitors were convicted and went on to receive very lengthy custodial sentences.

As this recent case illustrates, Lawtons have the expertise to defend the most serious of firearms offences, specialising in complex conspiracies. If you need a firm of specialist defence solicitors who have the proven experience of successfully dealing with cases like this or other serious and complex conspiracies get in touch today.

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