London Mini-Cab Driver Not Guilty of Rape

9th April 2013 | Lawtons News|
Paul Dillon headshot

Paul Dillon


One of our specialist sex crime solicitors, Paul Dillon, was the lead Solicitor who secured an acquittal for a licensed mini-cab driver accused of rape.

Following a trial at a London Crown Court, the Jury found our client not guilty of rape. Our specialist solicitors who deal with sex offences were able to use their experience to make sure the case for our client was prepared in a detailed manner.

As leading London Crime Solicitors we have a significant level of recent experience in dealing with such cases. The importance of having experienced crime lawyers is vital. If you are currently on Police bail or have been charged with a sex crime or charged with a criminal offence it is in your interests to speak with leading London criminal Lawyers.

We are available to discuss your case and make arrangements to see you at our London office. 

Contact us by email or telephone for an initial consultation with a specialist criminal solicitor.


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