A 46 year old Luton man, who was part of a gang that carried out a terrifying early morning robbery in the yard of a company in the town, has been jailed for six years.


On Friday (Feb 28) Stuart Sprawson, representing the man at Luton Crown Court, said his record for offending meant he was looked on by the courts as “something of a villain.”


Mr Sprawson told the court “he has to learn to grow up.” But he said there were at last signs that his client was beginning to do just that.


Mr Sprawson said that since his remand into custody, the man had put his time to good use helping other inmates with their addictions.


The Defendant had been part of a four man gang that crept into the yard of Des Spence Drains in Wimbourne Road in the town last September.


It was just after 6.15 in the morning of Friday September 21 and the gang had their eye on a caravan parked in the yard. It was home to a worker for the company who was asleep inside. He was woken by the sound of tapping on the caravan and looked out of a window to see the gang in the yard.


He told Luton Crown Court of his terror as the gang tried to force their way inside as he desperately tried to keep the door shut. In his panic, the man said he climbed out of a window to try and escape but was quickly caught, beaten up and robbed. The gang fled, taking his laptop, his mobile phone and £25 in cash.


But in their haste to get away they left a vital clue behind – a sock. And a forensic examination of it revealed the DNA of the 46 year old, and he was arrested. At Court he was subsequently convicted of robbery.


Before sentence was passed, Mr Sprawson who defended the man, said he was a good father to his eight year old child and there were at last signs he was beginning to change his ways.


Recorder Elizabeth Roscoe told the man “That caravan was [someone’s] home, somewhere where he was entitled to feel safe and secure.” She said the victim had been kicked and punched by the gang, adding “This is without doubt an extremely serious offence.”