Not guilty on all charges – client accused of both sexual offences and supplying drugs – St Albans Crown Court

Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


Our client went on Trial, accused of having had Sexual Activity with a Child on 3 occasions and Being Concerned in the Supply of Class B drugs. The Trial which started on 29th August 2017 and lasted for 7 days before HHJ Bright KC at St Albans Crown Court ultimately resulted in our client being formally acquitted and found not guilty of all 4 charges.

Through the expert team that we assembled, we were able to establish that there were important inconsistencies between what the alleged complainant originally said to the Police and what she said when giving evidence at our client’s Trial. It was also clear from the way that we conducted our client’s defence that there were concerns about the reliability of certain other key parts of the prosecution case, whereby even during the Trial itself the Police were instructed to undertake further investigative work at the scene of the alleged offences, this ultimately being of assistance to our client and his defence case.

The proactive nature of the defence strategy employed in this case resulted in the Jury unanimously acquitting our client after just a couple of hours of deliberations.

The importance of a specialist legal team that are experts in the complex areas surrounding drug and sexual related offences cannot be over emphasised. At Lawtons we have the depth of experience and expertise that we can ensure that an expert team is assembled whatever the offences and complexity.

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