Not guilty verdicts in indecent images case at Basildon Crown Court

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Nick Titchener

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The ordeal of two of our clients is finally over when, on 2nd May, the cases against them were finally brought to an end, almost three years after the police executed search warrants at their homes.

The Police had entered the family home on 28th September 2014 when they seized a large number of computer devices which in turn were sent off for analysis. It was over a year later that they were first asked to give their accounts to the police when they were interviewed under Caution on a voluntary basis. Neither of our clients had the benefit of our expert legal advice at this early stage when representations could have been made regarding the state of the investigation.

It was almost another year later before the case finally came to court, with both of our clients instructing us at that stage, strenuously denying any wrong doing. The case was sent to Basildon Crown Court.

In preparing the case and gathering evidence, robust requests were made for further evidence and information. Through using our own Experts of choice, we were able to gauge a preliminary view that the material that the prosecution was basing their case on could have been downloaded accidentally and some of it may in fact not have been illegal at all. This enabled us to put pressure on the Prosecution who were forced to ensure that the investigation was reconsidered, even after all this time.

The Prosecution did finally concede that the case shouldn’t continue. It was a mistake from start to finish and this case illustrates the importance of having a defence team that really do understand this area of law and can offer an expert, bespoke service tailored to the needs of the case. The case should have been investigated properly from the outset, thankfully, we were able to expose the weaknesses and ensure that the right result was achieved at the end.

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