A man who sent his ex girlfriend a series of threatening and obscene texts and Facebook messages after they finished has been given a six month jail sentence.

Our Solicitor for Lawtons, who defended the 27 year old, said he’d had no idea of the fear he had caused and now felt ashamed by what he’d done.

Luton Crown Court was told that over a four day period, the man bombarded the woman and her sister with messages threatening them and their family with violence.

He appeared for sentence after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to harassing the women.

Before sentence was passed, Judge Stuart Bridge hearing the case, was told the defendant had a previous conviction for harassing another ex partner in a similar way.

The Luton man was given a six month jail sentence to run consecutively to a 18 month sentence he is currently serving for the unlawful wounding of a man and and possessing an offensive weapon.

The court was told he and his ex had been involved in a short lived relationship in the early part of this year and he had moved briefly into her Flitwick home.

It was after the relationship came to an end in March of this year that the defendant sent her and her sister a series of nasty text and Facebook messages, the court heard.

Miss Cripps said the messages had caused the women genuine fear.

The court was told the defendant had previous convictions, including one for harrassment in January of this year.

He received a six week jail sentence and it had involved the harassment of another ex partner.

It was earlier this month when he was jailed for 18 months for unlawful wounding and possessing an offensive weapon.

It was said the defendant had been extremely distressed by the break up with the woman and had sent the abusive messages whilst drunk. “He looks back now and is deeply embarrassed by the messages he sent. He was letting off steam and didn’t realise the fear he was causing.

Judge Bridge sentenced the man to six months imprisonment to follow on from the sentence of 18 months he is presently serving.

He also made him the subject of a restraining order not to go within 200 meters of his ex or contact her in any way and not to contact her sister.

The judge made the order to run for the next five years.