A restaurant worker was caught by the police in St Albans after returning in the early hours of the morning and stealing his manager’s bag.
The 23-year-old left Bill’s Restaurant at the end of his shift at 11pm, but nearly three hours later he clambered over a wall to get into the yard of the eatery in Chequer Street.
The manager, who was working late, heard a bang and called the police, St Albans crown court heard today/Weds.
Prosecutor Richard Paton-Philip said officers saw the defendant acting suspiciously in a car park in London Road. He was wearing a hoodie and back gloves and was holding the bag belonging to the manager.
He told the police he had simply gone back to the restaurant to get his mobile phone charger. When he was there he said he saw a bag and thought it belonged to a friend so he took it.
But the man pleaded guilty to burglary on the morning of his trial. 
Andrew Kerry, defending, said he was now getting his “life sorted out.” He said he was helping to bring up two step-daughters with his partner, who is expecting their child next week. He said he had been out of work, but was due to start an agency job in Northampton as a driver’s mate. 
He asked the judge not to send him straight to prison.
Judge John Plumstead agreed, but said: “He has got to behave himself or someone will lock him up. He should try to set a decent example to his children. “
The judge passed a 9 month jail sentence suspended for 18 months with 80 hours’ unpaid work. He told him: “I don’t want to see you again and you don’t want to see me again.”