Successful Defence Against Football Banning Order

18th June 2024 | Lawtons News|
Glen Henry headshot

Glen Henry

Solicitor Advocate

Our client faced charges of common assault for allegedly kicking another individual during an Arsenal vs. Liverpool Premier League football match earlier this year. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) also sought to impose a Football Banning Order.

Our client firmly disputed being the person responsible for the assault and challenged the identification evidence presented by the prosecution.

Through meticulous cross-examination, Lawtons Solicitors critically examined the circumstances surrounding the identification process and highlighted the challenges of distinguishing individuals in a crowded stadium where thousands of fans were dressed similarly and shared resemblances with our client.

Furthermore, Lawtons successfully excluded crucial evidence, including two positive identification parade results, on the grounds that the CPS had failed to follow proper procedures in serving the evidence. Our legal team also emphasised the absence of CCTV footage, which could have provided valuable insight into the alleged incident.

Ultimately, our client was acquitted, and the CPS was prevented from pursuing a Football Banning Order against them.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges related to incidents at sporting events or public venues, trust Lawtons to form a robust defence. Contact us today and our team will meticulously scrutinise the evidence and fight to protect your rights and reputation.

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