Charing Cross Police Station Solicitors

If you have been arrested and detained at a police station, or you have been asked to attend Charing Cross police station for a voluntary interview, it is your right to request legal advice and representation from a solicitor.

As a leading firm of criminal solicitors in London, we can provide expert legal advice from an experienced criminal defence solicitor at both the police station and at court.

We offer 24 hour legal representation service and advice from a solicitor at police stations across London and the surrounding home counties. We are also able to provide you with legal assistance beyond these areas.

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Have you been asked to attend a voluntary interview?

A voluntary interview  – also known as a caution plus 3 interview – takes place at the police station. You will be asked to attend on a specified date to assist the police with their enquiries into a suspected criminal offence. 

While you are not under arrest at the time of a voluntary interview, the police will caution you before the interview takes place. You are free to leave the police station at any time during a voluntary interview, unless the police arrest you.

The interview will also be recorded and anything you say during the interview may be used as evidence in court, should the case proceed that far. 

Despite the voluntary nature of this type of police interview, it is as serious as a police interview under caution. You are entitled to receive independent legal advice whether you are giving a voluntary interview or a standard interview to ensure your legal rights are protected and you are treated fairly. 

Expert independent legal advice during a voluntary interview can make all the difference to ensure you don’t incriminate yourself or have your words twisted by a police officer who has already decided you’re guilty before you’ve even arrived for your interview.

At Lawtons London, we have plenty of experience in representing our clients at voluntary police interviews. We will arrange for you to be represented by a specialist criminal defence solicitor, whatever the alleged offence and wherever the interview. We can guide you through the whole interview process, arranging the interview with the police at a time and date to suit you. 

Expert legal advice in Charing Cross

If you have been asked to attend the police station for a voluntary interview, contact us for expert legal advice. We can represent you at Charing Cross police station, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 

We pride ourselves on providing personalised legal advice and assistance in any criminal charges that have been made against you. Our team of experienced criminal defence solicitors will work with you to obtain the best possible outcome in your individual case.