Lawtons Solicitors has a dedicated division with the technical knowledge and understanding of all aspects of fire safety, to ensure you are completely covered in all aspects of the governing law.

Regulations* surrounding fire safety have recently undergone major changes and now receive increased prominence. The new regulations means inspectors have greater powers to serve alterations, enforcement or even have the ability to shut down a premises immediately.

With this in mind, if you are faced with investigation or prosecution with regards to fire safety, it is imperative to have the support of a dedicated fire safety lawyer, such as is available at Lawtons Solicitors, who understands how fire safety laws operate.


Fire Safety & The Law

Fire safety is generally governed by the Fire Authority, but also involves the Council or HSE.

The Fire Authority has imposed a number of responsibilities for anyone who owns a property and has a duty of care for others, whether it be a workplace or landlord, who will be accountable to the law if any obligations are broken.

These responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment
  • Means of escape in the event of a fire
  • Planning for an emergency and training staff
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Provision of equipment to fight a fire
  • Fire warnings and detection

Penalties for non-compliance with any of these responsibilities, even without a fire, can start from an informal notice, which would highlight safety measures that need to take place, through to more formal fire notices that will tell you exactly how to fix the issues identified.

For more serious cases, alterations notice could be provided, or an enforcement notice for any risks that have not been properly managed.

The most serious is a prohibition notice that can take effect immediately, whereby the risk of fire is deemed critical and therefore access to premises must be restricted or completely prohibited.

Should a fire occur where person(s) are injured, fatally or otherwise, then a criminal investigation will take over with a dedicated court hearing.


Need a Fire Safety Solicitor?

The latest reform in regulations has led to an increase in the severity of sentences imposed for fire safety offences, and therefore it is critical to remain aware of your responsibilities.

Lawtons Solicitors has a dedicated team with intricate knowledge of the very latest in fire safety regulations, and can help to defend investigations and prosecutions relating to fire safety – from the outset of an investigation through to its conclusion. We will remain with you every step of the way.

* The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order


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