The Sexual Offences Act 2003 is used in law to define and determine the severity of all sexual offences in the UK. The severity of punishment in a sexual offence case is determined on a case by case basis. It all depends on the particular offence that may be alleged, with some offences being viewed much more seriously. For example, with an allegation of rape, the Crown Court will almost inevitably consider prison.

Sexual offence cases are emotional, life-changing and complex. Lawtons Solicitors have unrivalled experience and expertise in dealing with complicated and sensitive sexual offence cases. Our priority is to always obtain the best possible outcome in the difficult circumstances whilst limiting any repetitional damage and social stigma associated with being accused of a sexual offence.

Not only does a sexual offence carry a prison sentence if convicted, but a person accused of a sexual offence whether it be indecent image charges, sexual abuse, an historic sex crime, indecent assault or rape, will be concerned about such life-changing and humiliating allegations being made public and the repercussions of the allegations in general.

Whether you are the individual facing a sexual offence allegation or a friend or relative of the accused, contact us today for essential legal advice. Our sexual offence solicitors will advise you and your family on the whole process and how court proceedings work.