The consequences of an accusation of committing a sexual offence can be complex and damaging. Anyone accused of a sexual offence – whether it be indecent image charges, sexual abuse, an historic sex crime, indecent assault or rape –  is likely to face social stigma and damage to their reputation which can often be irreparable. These cases are often highly emotional and can be life changing.

Sexual offences: How we can help

Our team of sexual offence solicitors can provide expert, sensitive advice and support in cases of alleged sexual offences. We believe in ultimate discretion and we always aim to obtain the best possible outcome whilst limiting any reputational damage.

At Lawtons Solicitors we have unrivalled experience and expertise in dealing with complicated and sensitive sexual offence cases. Our priority is to always obtain the best possible outcome in the difficult circumstances surrounding a case of sexual offence.

Whether you are the individual facing a sexual offence allegation or a friend or relative of the accused, contact us for essential legal advice. Our team of specialist sexual offence solicitors will advise you and your family on the process of the case and how court proceedings will work.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 is used in law to define and determine the severity of all sexual offences committed in the UK. The severity of punishment in a sexual offence case is determined on a case by case basis.

A punishment will depend on the particular offence that has been alleged, with some offences being viewed more seriously than others. For example, with an allegation of rape, the crown court will almost inevitably consider a prison sentence as a punishment for committing the criminal offence.

Our specialist sexual offence solicitors can represent you in sex offence cases including:

  1. Sexual assault and rape
  2. Indecent assault
  3. Historic sexual abuse
  4. Child abuse
  5. Making or possessing indecent images of children
  6. Publishing private images or footage online – known as ‘revenge porn’
  7. Malicious communication
  8. Issues relating to the Sex Offenders’ Register, including Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPOs), Sexual Risk Orders (SROs) and Sexual Harm Prevention Orders (SHPOs)

We can also provide specialist legal advice in cases of sexual blackmail – known as ‘sextortion’.

If you need expert legal advice on your case, contact us to see how we can help you achieve the best outcome.


See below for a list of case studies relating to defending clients accused of sexual offences:


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