Child Abuse Solicitors & Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Why is it crucial to have a sexual abuse lawyer to defend you against sexual abuse charges?

If you have been accused of sexual abuse or child sex abuse, the clock is ticking: it is vital that you find expert legal help from a specialist team of sexual abuse lawyers — including child sex abuse solicitors — from the offset. This will guarantee that you are well-represented and obtain the best possible outcome.

Child abuse allegations are serious for all those involved and can wreak havoc on the lives of the accused. Our child sex abuse defence team understand this and are highly experienced in defending clients across a comprehensive range of cases, successfully dealing with many child sex abuse allegations.

I’ve been accused of sexual abuse allegations – how can Lawton’s help?

✔ Representation at an early stage

We can support you as soon as the police contact you and this can either prevent the case going to court, or prepare your defence.

✔ Going to court

If a case has to go to court, it is crucial that you have a team of specialist sexual abuse solicitors.

✔ An appeal

If you want to appeal, we can help and advise as to whether there are grounds to show that the conviction is unsafe.

What are the most common forms of sexual abuse?

According to the law, sexual abuse can take a number of forms but is generally when someone is considered to be in a position of trust, power or authority, and then intentionally takes advantage of another to involve them in sexual activity.

Whilst every case will be treated differently, sexual abuse cases are often cited when the people involved know each other, whether it is a family member or someone in the community. Other sexual abuse scenarios can include:

  • A doctor and patient
  • A celebrity and deemed ‘fan’
  • A priest and a parishioner
  • A teacher and a student
  • An older child and a child
  • An adult and a child

If there is sufficient evidence and a realistic prospect of conviction, together with adequate public interest, then the case will be prosecuted and will often be referred to the Crown Court to be dealt with.

The outcome and sentence for sexual abuse cases will depend very much on the facts of the individual case, but may be influenced by certain issues, including if children were involved, their age, and the position of trust held by the accused.

What to do if you’ve been accused of sexually abusing a child?

Accusations of sexual abuse with a child are a very serious matter. The most critical advice: if you have been wrongly accused of child abuse, you must seek expert and highly experienced legal advice as soon as possible. Try not to answer any questions or engage in any conversation or discussion until you have consulted a child sex abuse lawyer. Our sexual and child abuse defence lawyers can support and advise you on this sensitive and highly complex area of the law. They will listen to your concerns and your personal circumstances and will be able to minimise the impact on your reputation, providing you with support every step of the way.

What are the penalties for sexual and child sex abuse convictions?

If you are found guilty of sexual abuse or child sex abuse, the sentence depends on the severity of the case, whether the alleged victim is a child or adult and various other factors which will be unique to your case. There are over fifty sexual offences included in these sentencing guidelines.

A child sex abuse case would likely be heard in the Crown Court, though all criminal cases start in the Magistrates Court. It is important that you have representation from the outset.

If you are facing allegations of child sex abuse, it is advisable that you talk to a specialist sex offence solicitor, who will know the penalties and the details that could affect it.

You can rely on our discretion

Lawtons Solicitors is on hand to provide necessary guidance and assist you in achieving the best possible outcome, without any distractions interfering with your case.

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Child abuse & sexual assault FAQs

The accusation is false, so surely I don’t need a solicitor?

This is a common misconception. You still need a solicitor to collate all the evidence in your defence and glean all the information that will help you.

Why have the police taken my mobile phone?

Police will have taken your mobile phone to have it examined for evidence. If the police find evidence then it won’t be returned until after the proceedings have concluded.