Case Discharged at Highbury Magistrates Court

6th October 2023 | Lawtons News|
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Massimo Trebar


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Thanks to our exceptional legal acumen, diligent case analysis and unwavering commitment to getting justice for our clients, Lawtons recently achieved an excellent result for our client at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court. 

The case hinged on allegations that the client had committed a burglary within a shop, with incriminating evidence captured on CCTV. Initially, the client had been represented by a Duty Solicitor following their arrest. However, recognising the gravity of the situation, the client chose to trust the services of Lawtons on a private client basis, a decision that would prove pivotal.

Massimo Trebar, a seasoned member of Lawton’s Senior Private Client team, took the reins, leaving no stone unturned in his defence of his client. He meticulously gathered detailed instructions from the client and took on an exhaustive review of the case. 

This scrutiny revealed glaring omissions in the case, particularly concerning whether any identification could be made at all. Most notably, it came to light that the police had failed to conduct an identification parade.

Using their extensive legal expertise, Lawtons presented compelling evidence to the District Prosecutor, urging them to reconsider the case. This led to a swift decision by the prosecution to withdraw the charge, exonerating the client from the accusation of burglary.

This case is a testament to the invaluable role of expert legal counsel, even after a police investigation has been completed. Lawton’s meticulous examination of the evidence, coupled with their adept representation, played a pivotal role in securing a favourable outcome for our client. 

Have you been convicted of a similar crime? Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Contact us today for professional and compassionate assistance with your legal matters. 

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