Lawtons client cleared of rape and ABH

Nick Titchener headshot

Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


Our client was accused of committing series of nasty assaults over a sustained period of time and raping his ex-partner, these were always denied and with expert representation he was cleared of all of them.

The alleged victim claimed a catalogue of abuse, which resulted in our client being charged with rape and two allegations of ABH, where one of them involved him kicking her while she was pregnant causing her to lose her baby and the other involved him allegedly pushing her down the stairs.

After a full trial, the jury formally cleared our client of rape, finding him not guilty. We had been able to establish that there was simply no evidence to support one of the ABH allegations and the other was formally dismissed when the Prosecution did not proceed with it.

Yet again, this case goes to establish that no matter how serious or damaging the allegations, with expert representation and advice, we always strive to secure the best of outcomes for our clients whatever the circumstances.

With a huge amount of experience of dealing with serious sexual and violent assaults, Lawtons can assist anyone facing these types of serious cases where our expertise really does make a difference.

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