Not Guilty Verdict on ABH – Self-defence

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Nick Titchener

Managing Partner


Lawtons successfully represented a recent client who was accused of a charge of Assault ABH which was said to have happened at a Concert.

He was originally represented by the Duty Solicitor but chose to instruct Lawtons on a private fee basis given our specialism and expertise in Serious Violence & Assault cases.

It  was alleged that our client had slapped the complainant twice to the head, and then punched once to the face causing a broken nose and cut to the face. The Prosecution’s case was that the assault was an unprovoked attack by the Defendant. The Defence case was that the Defendant had been verbally abused and goaded by the complainant throughout the course of the evening; and that complainant had at various points himself assaulted our client by pushing and elbowing him during the concert.

These assaults by the complainant had led our client to punch the complainant in a pre-emptive strike. The primary issue dealt with in the trial was therefore self defence, pre-emptive strike and reasonable force. The Magistrates Court found that the complainant had provoked our client and that he had acted in self defence agreeing that the force used by the Defendant was reasonable in all the circumstances. The Magistrates also found it appropriate to award the Defendant a Defence Costs Order.

Feedback from our client reflected the very favourable outcome:

“I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank you for your hard work, support and advice throughout the case in which you represented me. 

Following the aid of Duty Solicitors at Police Interview Stage I was left lost and confused as to what was occurring with the situation and with confidence/understanding of what to do next. Your legal support gave me a sense of structure, confidence and comfort in an extremely stressful stage of my life and for that I am extremely grateful. 

I can now continue in the career I have begun to build in Primary School Teaching with a fresh outlook on today, putting the ordeal behind me and moving on with the correct and best possible outcome for my livelihood and wellbeing.”

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