Not guilty of assault – expert evidence called by Lawtons – Westminster Magistrates Court

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The assault by beating charge that our client faced at Westminster Magistrates Court would have had life changing consequences without the expert assistance from us. The offence was said to have been committed following a drunken night out, with the victim being a paramedic. Our client worked in a profession that would not have tolerated such behaviour and his livelihood and reputation were very much on the line. If our client had been convicted of assaulting a paramedic who was performing her public duties, the consequences would have been severe.

As part of our client’s defence, and in preparation of his trial, we were able to identify witnesses who supported our client’s assertion that he had not consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and that his sudden and unexplained deterioration must have been as a result of his drink being spiked. The unusual defence of involuntary intoxication was identified as the issue in the Trial and formed the basis of our client’s defence.

Following full trial preparation and having heard all the evidence, the Magistrates accepted that some level of contact had taken place between our client (when he was unconscious) and the paramedic, but accepted the defence case that this had been caused by the involuntary intoxication of other substances. Our client was acquitted and found not guilty, his reputation and future still in tact.

The early identification and expert case preparation ensured that our client was able to maintain his good character and livelihood.

Our experienced team of expert criminal solicitors are able to assist in relation to any criminal allegation you may face and provide a discrete and professional service from the start to the conclusion of the case.

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