Minimum Sentence for Gun Crime

3rd April 2012 | Lawtons News|
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Charges of firearm possession or gun possession now carry minimum sentences, and the minimum sentence that this young man was facing was 5 years imprisonment.


The only way that his sentence could be reduced was if the Court found exceptional circumstances. This would then enable the Judge to impose a lower term.


Because of representations to the Court, the Judge accepted that he could exercise his discretion to reduce the minimum term to 3 years imprisonment. The Advocacy involved being able to highlight why it would have been wrong in principle to impose a five year sentence, when an younger more experienced co-defendant would have received a lesser penalty.


It does show the necessity for expert legal advice in relation to sentencing matters. Gun crime cases can be notoriously difficult to deal with during the course of a Crown Court Hearing. As such, an experienced criminal lawyer is required.


For help in relation to UK gun crime laws or any other criminal case please contact us.” ~ Stephen Halloran



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