Not guilty of armed robbery of bookmakers – St Albans Crown Court

3rd July 2018 | Lawtons News|
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With years of experience representing those accused of firearms offences or violent crimes, Lawtons often handle cases concerning accusations of armed robbery.

In June 2018 at St Albans Crown Court, members of our St Albans criminal defence solicitors team acted on behalf of a client in a retrial in relation to an allegation of armed robbery with a firearm that had been committed in 2017.

During the first trial the jury had been unable to reach a verdict and re-trial took place, the retrial lasted 7 days and concluded last Friday when our client was found not guilty.

The evidence against the client consisted of principally 2 things:

  1. A marked banknote taken from the robbery was found in our client’s bedroom 15 hours after the robbery.
  2. A local shoplifter/beggar who claimed to have seen and spoken to our client immediately before the robbery took place and later claimed to identify him as the robber. The robber wore a disguise so couldn’t be identified from the CCTV and there was no forensic link between client and the bookies, therefore this evidence was crucial.

At the first trial, the eye witness gave one account but during the retrial her evidence changed and she gave different answers. By careful questioning and cross examination, we were able to establish that she was unreliable and not a witness that could be relied upon to tell the truth. In giving different accounts, she conceded at one point that she might have been mistaken in identifying our client.

There had been complex legal arguments concerning what evidence the jury could be told about due to the way in which some evidence had not been disclosed to us in the first trial or until half way through the second trial. We were successful with these arguments and this was undoubtedly a factor in helping the jury reach the decision they did.

The client was acquitted and understandably relieved that the ordeal that had been going on for over 16 months had been satisfactorily concluded.

The case again goes to illustrate just how determined Lawtons are to ensure that the best possible result is achieved. With our proven specialism in dealing with violent and serious criminal offences, Lawtons have the experience to deal with any case whatever the circumstances. If you are accused of a serious violent offence, contact us today to see how we can help. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help.

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