Not Guilty Verdict at Highbury Corner Magistrates for Assault PC

22nd September 2023 | Lawtons News|
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Glen Henry

Solicitor Advocate


This year, our client was charged with assaulting a police officer by attempting to bite her arm. Following her Notice of Criminal Charge, she immediately contacted our team to help her with her case.

Once the investigation was underway, the prosecution relied on the evidence of the officer’s body-worn video (BWV), as well as that of another officer involved in the restraint of the client. Both BWVs were clear, showing alternate angles and close-up views of the incident. The BWV was also captured just minutes after the alleged bite, which proved important in this case. 

In addition, the officer’s witness statements and verbal evidence described the attempted bite as an “audible snapping of teeth” and that immediately following this “bite”, our client continued to “bare her teeth”. 

It was also reported that she resisted the officers to such an extent that she had to be put on her side, and her head was required to be held by another officer. 

From the start, our client was adamant that she never attempted to bite the officer, and what actually could be seen and heard on the BWV was her leaning forward. She also claimed that you could hear the release of her scream in distress and frustration after she was restrained. 

The BWV contained no evidence of the events described by the police in their statements or their version of events that immediately followed the attempted bite. 

In fact, there was a significant absence of events on the BMV, which was put forward as evidence in a statement. Lawton’s Solicitor Advocate, Glen Henry, cross-examined the officers about the differences in their description and the BWV, stating that the officers were mistaken about the attempted bite and exaggerated their evidence.

This cross-examination, combined with the fact that our client was of good character, was enough to show the judge that the officer’s evidence was wholly unreliable, and our client was found not guilty. Have you found yourself in a similar situation where you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime you did not do? Look no further than Lawtons Solicitors. Contact us now to protect your rights and navigate your legal challenges with confidence. Your future deserves our expertise.

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