Perjury Act offence – Case dropped before reaching Crown Court

7th July 2020 | Lawtons News|
Stephen Halloran headshot

Stephen Halloran

Managing Partner

perjury case dropped

Our client had been charged with the unusual offence of making a knowingly misleading statement. This was following the completion of a notice of intended prosecution with incorrect details. 

The case was referred to Stephen Halloran following our client being charged. Any conviction for the client would have resulted in the removal of his accreditation to practise in his chosen profession. This would have had ramifications for a lucrative sale of his business.    

Stephen provided a clear, tactically considered approach and the early strategic decision-making influenced the overall direction that the case took and the eventual result achieved.

A Crown Court trial was chosen (it was a charge that could have been dealt with in the magistrates’ court) and this enabled a further request of the Crown Prosecution Service to consider the evidence. This included time limit issues surrounding the original request and other identified failings.  As a result of the full review we undertook, the CPS were eventually persuaded not to proceed with the case before the client entered a plea at the Crown Court. The client suffered no reputational damage, with his privacy maintained and the option of the sale of business remaining open to him.

Stephen and the other members of the private client team have the expertise to deal with the most demanding of criminal law matters in a sensitive and discreet way.

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