Receiving a notification for a driving offence can be quite a shock to the system, especially if this is the first time you have been notified. Therefore, it is important that you understand the steps involved and what is required of you.

Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) & Implications of Not Responding

The type of motoring offence that you face will govern how you are notified by the authorities about the traffic offence.

For example, if you have been caught speeding your case is likely to start by the Police sending you a notice of intended prosecution. This is the start of your journey through a straight-forward driving offence case.

The type of penalties that the Court can impose will depend on the type of offence you face and your personal circumstances. Driving offences that Lawtons can defend you in include:

You need to ensure you abide by the deadlines provided by the Police – failing to do so is an offence.

Police Station Interviews

If, after having responded to your NIP or following a Police interview, you receive a Postal Requisition (formerly a “Court summons”) to attend a Magistrates (Traffic) Court, you need to consider instructing a specialist driving offence solicitor.

Why is legal representation important?

We hope that this website provides some general details about the issue of driving offence you face. However, every case is unique and our expertise as motoring offence solicitors means that we can assist you through all steps in your traffic case.

Whether you face the potential of speeding points or a dangerous driving charge, we are here to help so contact us now.