R-v-K: Successful Outcome for Drug Charges Case

22nd December 2023 | Lawtons News|
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Joanne Cestaro


Lawtons Solicitors took on the case of a young male facing charges of the Supply of Class B Drugs. The legal journey began when he was a juvenile, but due to systemic delays, the case only reached court when he transitioned into adulthood. Dawn McKnight initially handled the matter in the Magistrates’ Court and subsequently referred it to Joanne Cestaro from our London office, in the Crown Court Department.

Recognising the unique circumstances of the case, representations were skillfully presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). These representations highlighted the lack of public interest in proceeding with the case, emphasising the defendant’s age at the time of the offence, his clean record, and the undue delay in bringing the proceedings to court. The legal team, led by Cestaro, advocated persuasively for a fair and just resolution.

As a testament to their efforts, the CPS ultimately decided to offer no evidence, bringing the matter to a successful conclusion. This case underscores Lawtons Solicitors’ commitment to comprehensive legal representation and their ability to navigate complexities, ensuring justice even in cases marked by procedural challenges.

Following a successful verdict, our client stated, “It was a stressful and daunting time for me, and they [Joanne and Dawn] were very reassuring. Their teamwork was clearly apparent, and they had great communication skills explaining everything clearly along the way. This enabled me to feel confident in the knowledge I was in the safe hands of people willing to work hard to get the best outcome for me. I am extremely grateful to them. Highly recommend!”

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