R-v-S: Lawtons Success During Robbery Defence Case

3rd January 2024 | Lawtons News|
Joanne Cestaro headshot

Joanne Cestaro


In a case marked by meticulous legal preparation, Lawtons Solicitors were engaged from the beginning to represent a young man with vulnerabilities accused of robbery. Joanne Cestaro, from our London office, handling the matter as it progressed to the Crown Court, recognised the gravity of the situation and enlisted the expertise of Natalie Turner from Lamb Building to bolster the defence.

The legal team’s dedication and careful preparation were evident as they meticulously readied the case for trial. The thoroughness in the preparation reached a significant milestone when, on the first day of trial, no evidence was offered. This outcome reflects not only the commitment of Lawtons Solicitors and their legal team but also underscores the careful strategic planning that went into preparing a robust defence.

Securing a resolution with no evidence offered is a testament to the effectiveness of Lawtons Solicitors in navigating legal complexities, ensuring comprehensive defence, and ultimately achieving favourable outcomes for their clients. 

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