R-v-S: Not Guilty Verdict for Multiple Rape Accusations

19th December 2023 | Lawtons News|
Joanne Cestaro headshot

Joanne Cestaro


Joanne Cestaro, from our private client department in London, was contacted by a client who had been accused of multiple rapes by his former partner.

The client had already been interviewed but approached Lawtons due to our reputation and expertise in defending matters of this nature.

The client was of impeccable good character, a family man with no previous convictions and little experience of the criminal justice system.

To receive a summons to attend court was utterly devastating for him and his family.

Joanne Cestaro dealt with the matter through both the Magistrates Court and Crown Court and instructed Anne Faul of Lamb Building, a barrister with expertise in dealing with sexual offences.

Our client was guided through the process with sensitivity and professionalism.

After over a year of meticulous preparation, a five-day trial took place at St Albans Crown Court, after which the jury reached unanimous verdicts of not guilty on all counts.

We are delighted for our client and his family.

In fact, according to our client, “Joanne’s advice and unending support was honestly incredible. So when Joanne advised me that she felt the Barrister for my case should be Anne Faul, I trusted Joanne’s advice implicitly. The moment I met Anne I felt a sense of relief and certainty that she would have my back. Anne defended me with an energy that I cannot even begin to describe – she was simply extraordinary. I recommend Lawton’s expertise without hesitation, and if you are lucky enough to engage Joanne Cestaro as your Solicitor and Anne Faul as your Barrister, you can be sure that they will defend you with a passion for justice.”

If you have found yourself in this position, then choose Lawtons Solicitors to defend you. Contact us today and let us safeguard your freedom and rights.

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