R-v-S: Successful Outcome for Coercive & Controlling Behaviour Case

21st December 2023 | Lawtons News|
Joanne Cestaro headshot

Joanne Cestaro


Joanne Cestaro, from our private client department in London, was contacted by a man of previous good character charged with coercive and controlling behaviour by his estranged ex-wife. 

To tackle this legal challenge, Janice Brennan from Lamb Building was brought in for guidance. The case presented significant gaps in evidence, prompting persistent efforts to obtain crucial information. Together, they relentlessly pursued the disclosure of vital evidence while advocating on behalf of the defendant to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). 

Through this unwavering determination and proactive strategy, the CPS ultimately decided to offer no evidence in the case. 

This successful outcome can be attributed to the rigorous and tenacious approach, effectively dismantling the case against the accused and vindicating the individual’s innocence, reinforcing the value of comprehensive legal representation in navigating complex legal disputes.

Lawton’s unwavering expertise and dedication to achieving a successful outcome was praised by our client, who stated, “I cannot praise Joanne enough for great support and advice all the way through. She helped with all aspects and gave me peace of mind, and got the not guilty verdict I deserved.”

Choose Lawtons Solicitors for expert legal guidance and proactive defence against coercive and controlling behaviour charges, ensuring a steadfast commitment to protecting your rights and securing a favourable outcome.

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