Serious Violence and Assault Solicitors

Accused of serious assault or violence? Need urgent help? Lawtons Criminal Defence Lawyers are available now. Call us immediately.

Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault cases can be complicated and extremely emotional for everyone involved. Whilst best to get the guidance of a specialist lawyer, you also need access to the necessary support at every stage of legal proceedings. Read more

Murder & Manslaughter

There are three main areas when it comes to homicide, with the most severe being murder. The other two are manslaughter, split between voluntary and involuntary, and lastly death by infanticide, corporate manslaughter or careless driving. Read more

Common Assault

Common Assault can be a difficult aspect of law to get your head around - no physical contact needs to have even been made to be found guilty. It's important you get the legal expertise you need to get the best outcome from a case involving common assault. Read more

Domestic Violence Solicitors

Being accused of domestic violence can be scary, and will require a special type of representation. Check out this page to find out what to do next. Read more


Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) and Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) are differentiated through the level of injury the victim sustained. Many defence cases are built on self-defence, the Courts look to assess the intentions and the level of force used to assess appropriate penalties. Read more

Abduction & Kidnapping

Sentences for Abduction and Kidnapping crimes can extend to many years in prison. The law is clear in the distinction between abduction and kidnapping, although both have severe consequences for those found guilty, depending on various factors of the case. Read more

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