Dangerous Driving Solicitors

Are you in need of a solicitor for a dangerous driving charge?

If you have been accused of dangerous driving, are being investigated or have been charged, then you should  contact our specialist team immediately.

If you are convicted you could face a prison sentence and disqualification from driving for a minimum of twelve months with the requirement to undertake an extended re-test, so it is imperative that you seek advice at the earliest opportunity.

What is dangerous driving?

Dangerous driving is where the standard of driving falls so far below the standard expected of a motorist that a normal person would consider it to be dangerous. A less serious offence may be driving without due care and attention.

The definition of dangerous driving includes the old offence of reckless driving.

If a death arises as a consequence of the driving, the Crown Prosecution Service may proceed with more serious charges of causing death by dangerous driving or causing death by driving without due care and attention.

What are the sentencing guidelines for death by dangerous driving?

The Crown Prosecution Service may seek to prove a dangerous driving charge by relying on evidence of police officers, or other witnesses present – most especially using expert evidence to reconstruct the dangerous driving.

In cases where the police are investigating causing death by dangerous driving, the evidence can be complicated and lengthy.

Lawtons have represented many clients charged with causing death by dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention. These are very difficult and often emotional types of offences, and whether you face a dangerous driving charge or the more serious charge of death by dangerous driving, the need for a specialist traffic court lawyer is essential.

The Crown Court will consider a range of options for a “death by dangerous driving” sentence.  They can be severe and will depend upon the circumstances and how your solicitor presents your case. It is the same for dangerous driving penalties.

Why is legal representation important when accused of dangerous driving?

All sentencing options for dangerous driving, including prison, will be considered by the Court. They also consider other orders including driving disqualification or forfeiture of vehicles. Therefore, expert traffic offence lawyers are needed to ensure that the best outcome can be secured.

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FAQs about Dangerous Driving

What is the difference between death by dangerous driving and death by careless driving?

Careless driving is when the standard of driving falls below an acceptable standard, and dangerous driving falls significantly further below that. As such, dangerous driving has much heavier penalties.

Is using a mobile phone while driving considered dangerous driving?

Yes, using a mobile phone while driving could be an offence in itself, or it might be considered careless or dangerous driving if it has affected the standard of the driving.

Do you get a criminal record for drink driving in the UK?

Yes, if convicted of drink driving under section 5(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 you will have a criminal record.