Not guilty for a client who was not fit to stand trial for historic sex offences

7th July 2020 | Lawtons News|
Stephen Halloran headshot

Stephen Halloran

Director & Solicitor-Advocate

Stephen Halloran, assisted by Poppy Daley, represented a man charged with offences said to have been committed over 20 years previously.

As a result of the delays in the case being brought before the court, the health of our client began to suffer. Following a medical examination, our client was assessed as suffering from dementia and was therefore unfit to stand trial. The prosecution sought to challenge this finding, but the psychologist instructed by them agreed with the findings we had presented.  

This resulted in the prosecution seeking to continue with the case and invite the jury to convict our client under a procedure called a trial of issue. As such, we prepared the case for “trial” and secured an acquittal for our client, even though he wasn’t able to take part in the case or give evidence on his own behalf. 

Our experience and ability in preparing serious sex offences cases is demonstrated by our ability to secure a not guilty verdict in circumstances such as this. 

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