Romford Police Station Solicitors

Have you or a loved one been arrested?

If you are being investigated for a criminal offence, it is crucial not to take part in any sort of police station interview without professional legal representation. Having an expert solicitor at your side can make a real difference to your case if it ends up in court, and securing the services of the experienced team at Lawtons London is a step towards achieving the best possible outcome. It’s your right to have representation in a police interview.

We will work alongside you at every step, examining every detail of your case to put together the most robust defence possible. Our reputation for excellence makes us one of the leading law firms in London, and our success in previous criminal cases shows the difference a well-prepared defence can make to you and your family. Your future and your reputation could be at stake, so let us assist you. 

If you need legal assistance at Romford Police Station, call the team at Lawtons immediately on 0333 577 0522. We are available 24 hours a day.

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Expert solicitors in Romford

If you have been asked to attend Romford police station for a voluntary interview or an interview under caution, contact us for expert legal advice and representation, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We are able to provide personalised legal advice and assistance for any criminal charges that have been made against you. We will work with you to reach the best possible outcome in your individual case.

Have you been asked to attend a voluntary interview?

Do not take part in a voluntary interview, whether at a police station or elsewhere, without legal representation. You need it just as much as someone who is under arrest, because all police interviews take place under caution, meaning that anything you say when questioned could be given in evidence, and might be used against you in court down the line. 

Legal assistance will ensure nothing you say is misinterpreted by the police, and it does not make you look more guilty – whether innocent or not, you are simply exercising your right to be protected.

If you need legal help at Romford Police Station, do not delay in getting in touch.