London defence solicitors, Lawtons, has extensive experience of complex and substantial fraud cases, in the capital, the Home Counties, the whole of the UK and abroad.

What we continue to prove time and time again, is that the first steps are critical to success. Seeking legal guidance early on can minimise damage to personal and professional reputation.

At short notice we can pull together a multi-disciplinary team, ready to advise on all implications of a fraud allegation and provide tactical and strategic guidance on the best way forward.

Business Fraud & The Law

Fraud, according to the National Fraud Agency, costs the UK economy more than £73bn each year. The increase in cybercrime and increasingly global nature of today’s transactions means this is only set to increase.

With this in mind, it is perhaps unsurprising that fraud is taken very seriously and can include even a basic failure to disclose information through to more serious offences of intentionally abusing a position for illicit gain, which has caused loss to others.

Fraudulent activity can also range from issuing or using fake ID, stolen cheques to advance fee fraud or large counterfeiting operations.

In many cases, forensic accountants will be used to analyse evidence and provide independent findings that will be taken into consideration before any sentence is passed.

Whilst sentences for fraud are getting increasingly tougher to act as a deterrent, in general, they will be delivered on an individual case basis and will be influenced by the seriousness or complexity of the case. The maximum sentence for fraud is 10 years’ imprisonment.

What to do if you are accused of Business Fraud?

When it comes to fraud cases, acting quickly is essential – even the first 48 hours’ involvement can make a significant difference to keeping your livelihood and reputation intact.

Lawtons Solicitors is available 24 / 7, 365 days per year to offer immediate support and guidance. We are also here to assist you and work with all involved agencies, to ensure you are seen to be cooperating as this can also undoubtedly influence the outcome of your case.

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