A loner from Bedford who searched for child pornography on his computer has been jailed for 10 months after Lawton’s Stuart Sprawson told a court the man now understood the gravity of his crimes.


Mr Sprawson told Luton Crown Court his client had now distanced himself from anything to do with pornography.


The 31 year old was jailed for four offences of making and possessing indecent child images and extreme pornography.


He had pleaded guilty.


The police had gone to his home on March 19 last year and carried out a search.


The court was told the man had thought he had concealed what he was doing with an encryption system.


But when police seized his three external hard drives, they found the password to unlock the one which stored most of the images.


The investigation of the hard drives revealed he had downloaded almost 3,000 indecent images of children, with 749 at the most serious level. There were also 50 images of extreme pornography.


When interviewed, he said he was not responsible and had bought the hard drives at a car boot sale, but later admitted his guilt.


Stuart Sprawson, defending said: “He was leading a somewhat isolated existence, spending his time in his room.


“But he now understands the impact of these offences and has distanced himself from all types of pornography. He is terrified of going to prison.”


Judge Michael Kay QC said: “I understand you have become sickened by what you have been doing, and have shown genuine remorse.


“But the offending is so great, and you sought to cover up what you were doing, so I cannot suspend the sentence.”