A judge told a Hatfield man who admitted attacking his wife that he was giving him a “considerably shorter” jail term after hearing his mitigation.The man had stopped an officer outside Hatfield police station and said: “I want to hand myself in. I have just beaten my wife to a pulp.”


He went on: “She stole £100 from me. I beat the c… out of her.”


The 36-year-old was jailed for six months Friday 25th July 2014 after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm on 8 May this year.


Prosecutor Simon Ash told St Albans crown court that he had woken her up, punched her to the arm, had grabbed and shaken her and delivered repeated blows to the face.


He denied he head-butted his partner in front of a 4-year-old child but, after a hearing, Judge Stephen Warner rule that he had.  He said the victim had described him as being “possessed”.


His wife was forced to leave the address and move into a refuge.


Stuart Sprawson, defending, said: “The odd feature of this case is that he went to the police. He showed a considerable amount of remorse and appreciation of what he has done.”


Although he had previous convictions they were mainly for disqualified driving. He said his client had been personally affected by what he had done.


Jailing him, Judge Stephen Warner said: “You lost your self control. You woke her up and carried out a sustained assault on her. It was an unjustified, ugly and thoroughly unacceptable offence, as with all cases of domestic violence.


“I have taken into account your mitigation. You surrendered yourself and, to an extent, accepted your guilt. I will make the sentence considerably shorter than it would have been.”