A man who lead police on a high speed car chase which ended in Pepperstock in Beds when he jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run off, has narrowly escaped going to prison.
Andrew Morton from Lawton’s who defended the man said his client had been driving away from his home in Luton to get away from others who had turned up at his property following a dispute about drugs.
Mr Morton said the man hadn’t realised at first it was a police car pursuing him and thought it might be others out for revenge.
The 50 year old from the of Wellington Street area of Luton appeared for sentence having been convicted earlier at Luton Magistrates Court of dangerous driving, failing to stop and two offence of having no insurance.
Miss Sally Mealing-McLeod prosecuting said the first driving with no insurance matter occured on the evening of April 30 this year when the man was behind the wheel of a Volkeswaggan Passat in Dunstable Road, Luton.
Then on May 3 this year police responded to an abandoned 999 call made from a mobile by a male and drove to Farm Green on the Farley Hill estate.
There officers saw the defendant behind the wheel of the Volkeswaggan, and sensing he might be connected to the 999 call, decided to follow him.
The prosecutor said he then put his foot down and accelerated away at speed, followed by the police car with its siren and blue lights activated.
Even then he didn’t pull up, but jumped two sets of traffic lights and narrowly avoided colliding with other cars.
In Pepperstock he eventually stopped the car and made off on foot but was quickly caught and arrested.
Andrew Morton defending said it was his client who had made the phone call and it followed a dispute with others over drugs
The court was told the man, fearing retribution, had ended up barricading himself in his home.
Judge Barbara Mensah was told the reason he hadn’t initially stopped was because he didn’t realise it was a police car following him and he feared it might be others looking for revenge.
Passing sentence judge Mensah told him “You are 50 years old and too old to be behaving like a boy racer”
The judge said that he had taken crack cocaine that day and had not slept for three days.
She sentenced him to 12 months suspended and made him the subject of an 18 month drug rehabilitation requirement.
He was told he will also have to complete a 30 day activity requirement and he will be subject to a home curfew between 9pm and 6am for the next four months.
In addition he was banned from driving for 18 months.