A Hemel Hempstead man who turned violent when his partner’s daughter called at his flat to collect some belongings has escaped a prison sentence.


Instead, Judge Steven Gullick at St Albans Crown Court handed the 44 year old man a suspended six month sentence.


Lawton’s, who represented the man, told the court the injuries to the woman had been minimal that day and the case had only arisen because it was she who turned up at his home unannounced.


The man, a delivery driver for Amazon, was appearing for sentence on 2nd May 2014 having been found guilty earlier of assaulting the woman, who is in her 20s, occasioning her actual bodily harm and assault by beating on her friend.


The Court heard the man had moved in with woman’s mother which had quickly led to problems, prompting the daughter to move out in February of last year.


On 1st August last year she returned unannounced with her friend to collect some of her belongings.


The man was at home but his partner wasn’t.


The daughter’s arrival led to yet another argument, but this time the man pushed her friend out of the flat.


He grabbed his partner’s daughter around the neck in a headlock causing a minor scratch to her neck.


We told the Court there had been no repeat of the trouble between the man and daughter.


Judge Gullick ordered him to pay the daughter £500 compensation.


For the offence of assault by beating he was fined a further £250 and told he must pay the Prosecution costs of £2500.