A woman who stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife was spared jail on Friday 7th February 2014 and given a chance to cure her depression and alcohol problems.


The 47-year-old woman attacked her husband after he found an empty wine bottle hidden in the bedroom of their home in Berkhamsted.


She waved a kitchen knife around causing a wound to his chest and a cut to his hand and kicked him on the shin. But she then raised the alarm with a neighbour, who called for an ambulance.


When the paramedics arrived the husband said he had fallen over a dog bowl in the kitchen and landed against a knife protruding from the dishwasher.


But, St Albans Crown Court was told, the crew was suspicious as there was no blood in kitchen and the police were called in. When questioned the husband confirmed his wife had stabbed him. He was treated in hospital for the wound to the upper left chest and the cut hand and was released after two hours.


Andrew Kerry, defending, said the woman was of previous good character and was truly remorseful for what happened. He asked for credit for her early guilty plea.


Mr Kerry told Judge Stephen Warner “She is sorting out her depression and alcohol problems and does not seek to blame anyone else. She has attended Alcoholics Anonymous.”


Although the marriage is now at an end with divorce proceedings in progress, the Judge was told that husband did not want his wife to be sent to prison and hoped she could receive help for her depression and alcohol problems.


The woman pleaded guilty to wounding her husband on 16 May last year.


Judge Stephen Warner told her: “This is a sad case for everyone concerned. It is pure good luck the injuries your husband sustained were not more serious and thankfully he has made a full recovery. You are very fortunate he is understanding of your problems. Drink played a part in this as did your depressive illness.


“It should be said in mitigation that when you realised what you had done at least you tried to help him. To your credit you have sought help for your underlying problems.”


He passed a 9 month jail sentence suspended for 2 years, with 9 months’ supervision. She must attend a women’s activity programme for 16 days.